Dr Yamuna’s role as a counselor is to share ideas, stimulate thoughts, respect your individual struggles and abilities, and be a creative part of your movement toward your specific goals.  She considers every individual unique and capable of achievingbalance and normalised feelings.The counselor, helps you to identify your innate strengths besides understanding the areas that need to be strengthened. A collaborative goal and team work ensures promotion of your personal strengths, cultivate resilience, and enhance optimal functioning.
Her counseling rationale is person centered; solution focused, and follows integrated holistic approach. This approach utilizes the uniqueness of the individual, gives him an opportunity for exploration, encourages him to resolve his specific life problems in a confidential and safe environment. However, her counseling sessions are normally guided by the client, not by her philosophies or ideologies.

Her experience and special interest in the field of parenting and interpersonal relationship is elaborated below:

Further details
- Parenting

- Difficulties in baby and child care. Problems in disciplining.  Managing sibling rivalry. Building responsibility. Problems regarding study / school home work / examination.

- Parent's problems

- Difficulties in finding time together. Set back in professional growth. Monetary stress. Father Vs Mother in correcting child(ren).Sharing responsibilities of parenting.      

- Adolescents

- Unreasonable demands.Communication. Problems in guiding. Building responsibility. Parent-adolescent conflicts.

- Childhood abuses - Prevention. Coming to terms with experiences of early childhood abuses.
- Family issues

- Power conflicts. Violence /. Suspicions. Criticism. Sharing household tasks. Communication gap. Family finance / property. Marriage. Divorce.

- Relationships

- Difficulties in adjusting / interacting with family members, person of same / opposite sex, neighbors, friends, authorities, colleagues. Extramarital affairs.

- In laws  - Difficulties in adjusting to persons related by marriage in the new family eg:Mother-inlaw. Dowry. Conflicts. Abuses. Harassment.

- Premarital issues

- Difficulties in communication. Understanding to-be-life partner.What to expect in married life.
- Spouse

- Unacceptable habits / behavior. Power and control. Job. Conflicts. Money. Communication problem. Cruelty. Abuse. Suspicion. Infidelity.

- Divorce

- Analyze reasons. Decision making. Post divorce issues and difficulties.
- Being single

- Loneliness. Money matters. Identity crisis.      

- Decision making

- Marriage. Change of job. Relocating residence. Property. Life goals. prioritizing issues challenging you.

- Grief / loss - Loss of job / business. Loss of property / valuables. Loss of health and vitality due to accidents / injury. Loss of relationship(divorce or death).
- Death and bereavement - Prolonged bereavement.
- Problems at work place 

- Harassment, Abuses. Work load at office and at home, Income disparities.                  

- Problems of  aged (65 + yrs)

- Loneliness. Health. Property. Money. Managing grownup children and grand children. Loss of spouse / friends.



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